A new report shows Australians are spending more than we can afford to, on food. And economists say many households admit to blowing their budgets.

Hannah Burstow reports.


For mum of four, Rebecca Black, grocery costs eat into the family budget.

Rebecca Black, Parent: “We spend about 350 dollars a week on average for groceries.”

A new Suncorp Cost of Food report reveals we’re most likely to overspend in the supermarket.

Vox 1: “Maybe 200 dollars a week, yeah.”

Vox 2: “Maybe around 150, 250.”

Eating out and takeaway chew through a third of our food spending.

Rebecca Black, Parent: “On top of the grocery expenditure, we would spend money on alcohol, eating out, uh ubereats sometimes.”

Australians spend $52 a week on eating out, $31 on alcohol, $22 on takeaway and $13 on coffee.

While having a food budget can help keep costs down, the research shows that one in four of us don’t even stick to it.

And one in three of us have no budget at all.

But economists warn against keeping the budget too tight and to look for specials instead.

Phil Slade, Suncorp Behavioural Economist: “First of all, don’t shop hungry. Make sure you’ve had a snack or some food so that when you go shopping you’re solving the problem of the family food budget, not actually your own need to satisfy your hunger.”

And watch out for expensive delivery services.

Hannah Burstow QUT News.