Greater Western Sydney’s Toby Greene will miss tomorrow’s AFL preliminary final against Collingwood. His manager hit out at the decision, calling it a disgrace.

Michael Rodden reports.


Toby Greene out of the prelims over this incident with Lion’s midfielder Lauchie Neale.

His manager not impressed with the Tribunal’s decision.

Paul Connors, Toby Greene’s Manager: “If this was a Collingwood player, there would be uproar, and in 20 years of management, over 20, I’ve never seen a worse decision. You can have your opinions on Toby, but on the facts of the facts, this is a disgrace.”

Drama also in the NRL.

Sam Burgess will return for South Sydney tonight, back from suspension.

The Rabbitoh’s skipper labelled the NRL judiciary a “kangaroo court” over a hair pulling charge.

But the forward has the support of his coach.

Wayne Bennett, Rabbitohs Coach: “I think we’ve all felt the frustration of it all. So I don’t think he said anything that we didn’t know and didn’t feel and he was just brave enough to say it all.”

Meanwhile, in Brisbane, Jack Bird has been released by the Broncos after requesting to leave the club.

He only made seventeen NRL caps since moving from Cronulla last year.

He’s expected to return to Sydney but is unlikely to reunite with the Sharks.

Michael Rodden, QUT News.