A lucky escape for a couple stranded on top of a capsized boat in Moreton Bay. Police plucked them to safety in a dramatic night-time rescue.

Federica Willemsen reports.


The tinnie, capsized near North Stradbroke Island.

The police chopper picked up the vessel’s EPERB signals which guided them to the stranded pair.

These POLAIR pictures clearly show a 43-year-old woman and a 42-year-old man lying down huddled together.

The man appears to be shielding her with his body.

Water Police arrive soon after.

First, they drag the woman across into their boat, she appears exhausted and unable to stand.

The man then had just enough time to jump across to the rescue vessel, before the tinnie sank completely.

Amazingly, the rescued pair suffered only mild hypothermia and minor injuries.

Federica Willemsen, QUT News.