Brisbane residents haven’t wasted any time in submitting their ideas for the Victoria Park redevelopment. Now Council just has to choose. But it’s not too late to have your say.

Max Melit reports.


A vast golf course set to be transformed into an urban oasis.

The vision for Victoria Park’s future is taking shape and there’s plenty of potential.

Adrian Schrinner, Brisbane Lord Mayor: “Waterslides, a butterfly garden, night markets.”

So far more than 400 individual ideas have been submitted.

Experts say this community input is the key to building a space everyone can enjoy.

Debra Cushing, Associate Prof. Landscape Architecture: “We can’t ignore those attachments those people have even though the use may change.”

Residents still have an opportunity to participate in the decision-making.

Debra Cushing, Associate Prof. Landscape Architecture: “City councillors, they forget people might come to a project in different stages. I think engaging people at all times during the process is important.”

Victoria Park is opening its doors this weekend to have a better look at the space.

So you’re invited to bring the kids, bring the dog, and have your say in what the future of all this will look-like.

Max Melit, QUT News.