It’s “Talk like a Pirate” day and it’s helping kids with cancer. Children and adults alike dressed-up, hunted for treasure and said “Arghh me hearties” all for a great cause.

Amber Gifford reports.


Most of us will make an occasional visit to hospital.

For some children though, it’s a home away from home, and that’s tough on parents too.

Gemma Levi, Mother: “By the time we got here, he was, um, he was diagnosed and in some ways it was a relief and in some ways it just was just very sad.”

Each year, around 750 children under 14 are diagnosed with cancer.

Helen Crew, Talk Like A Pirate Day: “Every 14 hours, a child is diagnosed with cancer in Australia. So it’s quite significant.”

Currently, one in seven child cancer sufferers will not survive to adulthood.

This is the place Queensland’s sickest children stay.

The hospital provides 17 family units for treatment and that’s why an event like this is so important.

Darren Hill, Father: “My young boy, he is five, Cooper, he has neuroblastoma cancer and these sort of events help yeah.”

With more families needing support, the hospital relies on your donation.

Helen Crew, Talk Like A Pirate Day: “It annually costs around about a million dollars a year to keep our doors open, so we can offer that service to the families.”

Donations can be made by visiting The Talk Like A Pirate website.

Amber Gifford, QUT News.