Prime Minister Scott Morrison is, by all reports, about to be feted in the U.S. He’s preparing for high level discussions with Donald Trump while his ministers talk up the budget at home.

Harris Wakeling reports.


The Prime Minister flew out for what’s expected to be a warm meeting with US president Donald Trump.

They’ll meet at a White House state dinner before talks with the Vice President, Secretary of State and Defence Secretary.

Morrison says the trip recognises the relationship between the two countries.

Meanwhile, his Treasurer was delivering what he sees as good news back home.

Josh Frydenburg, Treasurer: “The budget is back in balance for the first time in eleven years.”

The government says there’s been a $13.8 billion improvement over the year and it claims that’s due to coalition policies.

Mathias Cormann, Finance Minister: “This is the third year in a row that the underlying cash balance in the final budget outcome is materially better than forecast at budget.”

The Treasurer also says the economy is looking good.

Josh Frydenburg, Treasurer: “The Australian economy is strong and ready for the challenges ahead.”

The government is forecasting a surplus this financial year.

The Prime Minister will no doubt want to stress that during his talks with President Trump, a man who often boasts how well the US is doing under him.

Harris Wakeling, QUT News.