A $150 million powerball draw is making history in Australia. But do you really have a chance of winning?

Michael Rodden reports.


Punters lined up around the country to get their hands on what could be the winning ticket.

Everyone wants in on the largest prize ever offered by an Australian lottery game.

Lauren Cooney The Lott: “We’ve seen huge participation with up to one in two adult Australians having an entry.”

The chance of winning tonight’s draw is one in one hundred-and-thirty-four million, for a single game entry, but you’re still allowed to dream.

VOX 1: “I would give 50 million to charity and enjoy the hundred with my family.”

VOX 2: “Travelling for sure, world tour, absolutely. Then buy a house.”

And if no one wins division one, you can expect another record.

Lauren Cooney, The Lott: “We will see powerball jackpot, once again, to another incredible high.”

The last person to win the jackpot was a New South Wales mother earlier this year, pocketing one hundred and seven million dollars.

Now if I won the jackpot, perhaps I could buy an island in the Caribbean, a jet to get there, or even a car to drive around in, but knowing my luck, I’ll be back to uni next week, racking up more hex debt.

Michael Rodden, QUT News.