A taste of summer has hit supermarket shelves. The season’s first tray of mangoes sold for a juicy sum at Brisbane’s annual charity auction. But following the recent dry weather will there be enough to go around?

Megan Rainbird reports.


Mangoes mean summer and the annual auction reminds us it’s well and truly on the way.

This year, a woman took the mango crown with a bid of $25,000.

Alexandra Catalano, Winning Bidder: “I’ve been wanting to do it since I was a little kid, and so this year was the year. So I’m really happy it’s going to a good cause.”

Despite devastating droughts and bushfires, wholesalers say do not worry, there will be plenty of mangoes to enjoy this summer.

Paul Joseph, Wholesaler: “The flowering and fruit looks very good, as well as a lot more new crops and orchards coming along, new trees.”

Despite a bumper mango crop, the recent bushfires and water shortages will make some produce harder to come by.

Paul Joseph, Wholesaler: “We will miss a lot of stuff from Stanthorpe this year. It’s one area we really need it to rain.”

Wholesalers say the best way to help local farmers is buy Australian grown or made.

Megan Rainbird, QUT News.