Researchers have developed a test that will lead Australians to a healthier life. It predicts the likelihood of chronic diseases.

Michael Rodden reports.


Health Direct, the Government’s health information service, and the George Institute have developed this risk calculator.

It will test your chances of being diagnosed with heart disease, kidney disease and diabetes over the course of five years.

It will provide a personal profile detailing risks like this.

Phil Offer, George Health Technologies: “High for kidney disease, moderate for heart disease and very high for diabetes disease. You need to take action.”

The test calculates your risks by asking questions about family history, blood pressure, weight, lifestyle, exercise and diet.

It aims to guide Australians so they can seek medical help if at risk.

Dr Karen Borg, Health Direct: “If you’re a red, I’d suggest go and see a GP straight away. With an amber or green report, it’s more about what actions can you take.”

Even before speaking to a doctor, you can call Health Direct directly and speak to a registered nurse about your report for no cost.

The developers hope the test can save the country hundreds of millions of dollars in health care spending.

Michael Rodden, QUT news.