It’s rare for Queenslanders to sing in the rain at the moment but last night’s showers had a local mayor giddy for a ditty.

Libby Hopper reports.


Queensland’s ongoing bushfires and drought are no laughing matter and storms across the south-east region overnight worried firemen.

But they also offered a glimmer of hope for struggling residents, a little light humour.

Greg Christensen, Scenic Rim Mayor: “I wanna know. Have you ever seen rain? It is so good to have a shower of rain across the region, across Canungra. It’ll help us without firefighting tonight. It is so joyful, it’s worth singing in the rain.”

The Scenic Rim Mayor welcomed the storm which brought ten millimetres of rain to his patch.

But emergency services say the storms could have done more harm than good, as harsh winds and 25,000 lighting strikes threatened to intensify bushfires.

And some of them were very close to Gold Coast high rise apartments.

But in Sydney there was more rain than lightning.

Fifty millimetres fell in less than 24 hours and more is on the way.

It’s hoped the weather system will arrive in Queensland by the end of the week.

Libby Hopper, QUT News.