Electric scooter company, Lime, has chalked up one hundred million rides globally and despite an initial backlash, the mode of transport has taken Brisbane by storm.

Charles Dally-Watkins reports.


The electric scooter company is back in the limelight, only this time it’s with positive news.

Lime says almost 50 per cent of their rides are now replacing car commutes, reducing traffic congestion and fossil fuel emissions.

Nelson Savanh, Lime Scooters: “Getting people out of their cars, connecting them from work and home without public transport to experience the city. I think it’s a great thing and we’re really excited, we’re really proud of what we’ve been able to achieve in Brisbane.”

And use of the distinctive scooters is speeding up.

Nelson Savanh, Lime Scooters: “We’re heading into summer, there’s going to be a large number of tourists coming to Brisbane. There’s nothing better than being out and about in the Brisbane summer. The only thing that could be better is scootering along the river walk to enjoy everything Brisbane has to offer.”

Since launching in 2017, Lime already operates in 120 different cities across 30 different countries.
And of the 100 million global rides, Brisbane has contributed a whopping 1.5 million.

The two-wheeled travelators have given inner-city transport a new twist.

Brisbane riders have clocked up more than 2.7 million kilometres in less than a year.

This micro mobility milestone has prompted Lime to review rider safety to make sure their reputation doesn’t go sour.

Lime are full of zest about what the future holds, hoping for more scooters and more riders.

Charles Dally-Watkins, QUT News.