Brisbane Broncos stars, humiliated in their final game, have been soul searching today with admissions that heads could roll. A media circus wanted answers for their devastating loss, but they remain few and far between.

Max Melit reports.


It’s dark days for the Broncos when they could have been still in the hunt for a premiership.

Six of their biggest names, including Anthony Milford and David Fififta, were caught out playing pokies in Sydney the night before their biggest game this season, which resulted in a record 58 to nil loss.

On Brisbane radio, senior player Anthony McCullough admitted the club has problems to resolve.

Andrew McCullough, Broncos player: “Speculation and rumours always comes after a heavy loss. Being an older player within that team, that’s just the way it is. I’m not blind to the fact that things may need to happen or what.”

At Red Hill, few players made comments as they arrived for the crisis talks.

And as discussions continued behind closed doors, the media scrum outside waited and waited for a response from the club.

Players had little to say to the media as they left HQ.

Cory Oates, Broncos Player: [Was the contract signed] “Ooooh, maybe.”

There are plenty of rumours around the club’s senior players and not just for those at the pokies.

Coach Anthony Seibold was expected to have harshly reprimanded his rogue players.

And Darius Boyd’s and McCullough’s future both remain uncertain, over space needed in the club’s salary cap to rebuild the side.

Max Melit, QUT News.