Given the current drought and wildfires the Federal Government is urging the eastern states to speed up the construction of dams. And not just for the regions already suffering.

Max Melit reports.


The extreme weather across the country has leaders in Canberra worried.

They are applying pressure to Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria to hurry dam building.

David Littleproud, Water Resources Minister: “It is time for the eastern states to do their job. They’ve done three-fifths of bugger all.”

The Federal Government maintains it has money available that hasn’t been taken up.

It’s concerned that if new dams aren’t built before 2030, water levels will drop significantly.

The supply to Victoria could fall by 43 per cent, New South Wales by 33 per cent, and Queensland by 37 per cent.

David Littleproud, Water Resources Minister: “It’s time for them to start planning and start building.”

This call comes as snow covers the Blue Mountains and rain pours in Sydney.

But it’s nowhere near enough to compensate for years of relative drought and the Commonwealth is warning the situation is dire.

Max Melit, QUT News.