Some of Brisbane’s best masters of disguise, called cosplayers are donning their outfits. They’re preparing for what they believe is the pop culture event of the year, Comic-con.

Ha-Teya Gripske reports.


It’s the biggest dress-up party of the year.

Comic-Con brings together all types of people sharing in one common interest… comics.

Princess Peach, Cosplayer: “Anyone! It doesn’t matter if you’re old or young, anyone can join in on cosplay.”

Cosplayers spend hours perfecting their costumes.

Some even take on two characters a day.

Wraith, Cosplayer: “They will spend all their working money for weeks and weeks and weeks just to make this costume come to life and to bring their character to life and enjoy their time at Comic-Con.”

The convention attracts celebrities from around the world.

This year, look out for some big names.

Superboy, Cosplay: “We’ve got John Barrowman from Doctor Who coming this year, we also have, for all the Marvel viewers, Hayley Atwell AKA Peggy Carter.”

The event appeals to kids of all ages.

It’s not all about saving the world, this year Comic-Con has teamed up with “Cure Cancer” to help promote further cancer research.

Wonderwoman, Cosplayer: “It’s so important because cancer touches so many lives. So it’s really nice that we can support something while having fun.”

Book online or grab your tix at the door and celebrate with your comic heroes!

Ha-Teya Gripske, QUT News.