The abortion debate in New South Wales is causing grief for the Premier. But for the moment rebel backbenchers have backed down on a threat to topple her.

Libby Hopper reports.


Premier Gladys Berejiklian left her house ready to defend her job.

After three MPs from her own party threatened a leadership challenge.

Gladys Berejiklian, NSW Premier: [Do you have a message for the rebels at all premier?] “The numbers will speak for themselves. Thank you.”

The MPs are unhappy the Premier supports the Reproductive Health Care Bill.

And the draft legislation is separating public opinion.

VOX 1: “Pro-life, pro-life, pro-life.”

VOX 2: “Love them both. Love them both. Love them both.”

Pro-choice advocates say any amendments would stifle the purpose of the bill.

Parliamentary debates are expected to drag on.

Libby Hopper, QUT News.