There’s a major crisis brewing in the middle east after a drone attack on Saudi Arabia. In Australia the initial impact has been on petrol prices.

Michael Rodden reports.


Petrol prices in South-East Queensland are expected to rise fairly quickly in light of the Saudi attacks.

But service station owners aren’t too sure what’s going to happen yet.

Suraj Rathod, Service Station Owner: “At this stage we don’t know how that will affect us and other servos, we do assume fuel prices will rise unfortunately.”

Recent price hikes have already caused frustration for locals.

VOX 1: “I think the petrol companies have been ripping off Queenslanders for far too long and this will just be another reason to hike prices.”

Some Australians are concerned the attacks will give fuel stations an excuse to raise their prices. But the RACQ says they’ll be monitoring any price.

It too is concerned about price gouging.

Renee Smith, RACQ: “We’ll be keeping a really close eye on servos to make sure that they’re not gouging motorists and taking advantage of what is a very topical story.”

The RACQ has a final piece of advice for motorists.

Renee Smith, RACQ: “Hold off on buying, don’t go out there and fill up today off the back of this news, we haven’t been hit by any increase yet, if anything those prices are falling.”

Michael Rodden, QUT News.