A Brisbane man is warning others to insure their properties after fire gutted his home. Firefighters were quickly there but the single-story brick property was already engulfed in flames.

Ha-Teya Gripske reports.


No-one was hurt, but the owner is homeless.

A burning candle set the Brisbane home alight, sending thick black smoke into the air, which could be seen for kilometres.

Firefighters from three stations took just half an hour to put it out, but the house was gone.

Matthew Draper, Queensland Fire Rescue Service: “Our main priority was to make sure nobody was inside.”

The owner, who was inside when the fire broke out, managed to escape the property unharmed and carrying his pet cockatiel.

Matthew Draper, Queensland Fire Rescue Service: “The owner, or the occupant had self-evacuated which was fantastic for us, means we could get into action and bring the fire under control.”

The owner does not have insurance and warned others to check their cover.

Many neighbouring properties were evacuated as a precaution, but fortunately no other homes were affected.

Ha-Teya Gripske, QUT News.