There could be some storms on the way for Queensland but lightning strikes might make the fire situation worse. Three-thousand interstate firefighters are already here to help.

Charles Dally-Watkins reports.


An already heated situation just gets hotter.

The fire danger is high to very high ahead of Tuesday’s forecast storms.

Superintendent Alan Gillespie, Rural Fire Service: “We’ve had this big massive dry air sitting over Qld for weeks now and that means the humidity is down, anything below 15 per cent is a real concern for us.”

For the first time, New Zealand firefighters are here to relieve weary locals.

Superintendent Alan Gillespie, Rural Fire Service: “It’s not only a national, an international assistance package provided to us.”

Fire authorities say the fourteen hour days are very tough.

While there are systems in place to combat the harsh weather, Rural Fire Services say it’s experience that makes all the difference.

And working side by side with professional fire fighters, an army of hard-working volunteers.

Superintendent Alan Gillespie, Rural Fire Service: “They are the ones that put in the superhuman effort, they are the ones in difficult, dangerous conditions, high risk conditions. They are the real heroes.”

Their skills will be put to the test again tomorrow.

Charles Dally-Watkins, QUT News.