Three masked people were involved in a dramatic police chase in Victoria. They went on a wild spree in a stolen car causing traffic chaos and anger.

Georgia Collings reports.


Eventually police intercepted a stolen Nissan ute on the Princes’ Freeway in Victoria.

But before then, the car and its occupants had caused chaos on one of Victoria’s busiest roads.

The vehicle was speeding up the freeway in the wrong direction, battling hundreds of oncoming vehicles.

Senior Sergeant Mark Guthrie, Victoria Police: “You really can’t describe it, really, let’s be honest.”

Peak hour commuters told a local radio station the car’s occupants were masked and involved in several minor collisions during the chase.

Police stopped traffic in both directions, and were able to surround the vehicle before anyone was injured.

Two women and a man tried to flee on foot but didn’t get far.

Senior Sergeant Mark Guthrie, Victoria Police: “They were putting a number of people at danger, not just themselves but uh innocent people that were going to work, doing their own business, concentrating on going to work on a busy Monday morning . Uh yeah, it’s just stupid.”

They’ll be charged with multiple offences.

The freeway was re-opened soon after and the traffic jam slowly eased.

Georgia Collings, QUT News.