Brisbane City Council has spent more than six million dollars on a koala corridor for Mount Gravatt. But there are claims the land isn’t actually suitable for conservation.

Libby Hopper reports.


When Council announced it was buying back this proposed development as a ‘koala corridor’ local residents claimed victory because they opposed a townhouse development.

But others questioned the $6.2 million dollar purchase, given trees on part of the parcel had already been cleared.

The RSPCA says it’s confusing.

Mark Townend, RSPCA CEO: “We haven’t seen the whole list of priorities, it’s surprising it was purchased for koala land if there are other higher priorities in the area.”

Animal advocates say there is actually an endangered koala habitat nearby, which deserves more immediate protection.

The council opposition agrees.

Steve Griffiths, ALP Environment Spokesman: “This is just scandalous. The way this money has been spent particularly when we have a site here, Toohey Forest, that’s full of vegetation, full of koalas and yet council has no money, no desire to negotiate to purchase that land.”

Deputy Mayor Krista Adams is chair of the Council’s lifestyle committee.

She was in Cabinet meetings today and made no comment.

Councillor Steve Griffiths says he is concerned koala habitats such as Toohey Forest could be under threat from developers when this is the very land we should be protecting.

Labor wants the Crime and Corruption Commision to investige the sale.

Libby Hopper, QUT News.