Australians are about to vote in another Prime Minister, and polls show he could be from Labor too. Bill Shorten has a two per cent lead over Scott Morrison, and they both need last minute votes.

Isla Stanich reports.


Despite the sadness of former Prime Minister, Bob Hawke’s death, both major party leaders have used their last day of campaigning to make their final points.

Mr Shorten is certain there’s a “mood for change” across the country.

Bill Shorten, Opposition Leader: “We don’t want three more years of the same last six years.”

And , he says, that would allow Labor to bring Australians together.

Bill Shorten, Opposition Leader: “From medicare to the environment to education to transforming the economy, we are the party of the big picture.”

But the man who may not be Prime Minister for much longer, Scott Morrison, re-iterated the importance of a strong economy for everyone.

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister: “That strong economy fills the investment we make in schools, hospitals and roads. And to guarantee funding for those, you need to keep our ecnomy strong.”

He sent one final warning of Labor’s vague budget.

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister: “There are storm clouds ahead in our economy, we can’t take the risks of big taxing, big spending agendas.”

Already a record breaking three million Australians have cast an early vote.

But the polls suggest tomorrow’s result will still be close.

Isla Stanich, QUT News.