A marathon election campaign now comes to a close. Let’s look back at the moments which had us talking at QUT News.

Max Eagles reports.


A long campaign has certainly taken its toll, and tensions are running high.

Steve Irons, Liberal MP: “I’ll tell you what, I didn’t vote for for paedophiles, sex offenders and rapists like the Labor party did.”

The major parties wheeled out their elder statesmen.

Paul Keating, Former Labor PM: “At this election, those electors in Dickson have a chance to drive a political stake through his dark political heart.”

John Howard, Former Liberal PM: “I detect in the community a lot of growing suspicion that Bill Shorten is after your savings.”

Some familiar voices made themselves heard.

Dr. Bob Brown, Australian Greens founder: “We’re saying to people very simply, don’t vote for Adani, don’t vote for people who are sitting on the fence. Vote for people, candidates, who say we will stop Adani.”

The campaign had its lighter moments and whoever wins on Saturday should watch their back.

Max Eagles, QUT News.