Our Federal political leaders have made their final pitch to voters, ahead of Saturday’s election. Scott Morrison is urging Australians to stay the course, while Bill Shorten says it’s time for change.

Laura Daly reports.


The Sydney seat of Reid was the place to be.

Both leaders were looking to make a lasting impression during the final days of the campaign.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison did a spot of shopping at the markets.

Holding this seat will be crucial to victory, and Bill Shorten’s also got it in his sights.

Bill Shorten, Labor leader: “There is a mood for change right across Australia. The Government has run out of ideas and it’s rapidly running out of time.”

In a last ditch effort to cook up some votes, the Opposition Leader wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty.

All TV and radio election advertising has now ceased, though voters will still be targeted online.

Although those ads and today’s final speeches will be too late to change the minds of the near three and a half million Australians who have already voted.

Laura Daly, QUT News.