Paniyiri is Queensland’s largest cultural festival. So it takes plenty of preparation to get ready to feed the hungry hordes.

Chloe Maxwell reports.


You know Paniyiri’s on the way, when you have a cluster of cooks, and cartons of calamari.

Volunteer cooks were busy this morning slicing, dicing and of course, laughing.

Stathi Zambas, Qld Cypriot Community: “We love it, we do it for the community, we do it for our culture, so everybody loves to do it.”

This is just part of the mountain of meals to feed the thousands expected to attend the celebration of all things Greek.

Over the weekend, they’ll down hundreds of thousands of honey puffs, a tonne of grilled halloumi and more than ten thousand Greek sausages.

Stathi Zambas, President Qld Cypriot Community: “We just manufacture everything nice and fresh here, we don’t buy anything from commercially made. It’s solely home made.”

Generations of families help out to keep the tradition going.

Katerina Himona, Volunteer: “I’m here because my mum was here full time for many years, now I take her place, I love it.”

Over four decades, millions of people have attended Paniyiri.

Cyprus may be more than ten thousand kilometres from Brisbane, but this weekend Musgrave Park will be transformed to give a taste of the Mediterranean.

All money raised goes back into supporting the twenty-five thousand strong Greek community of South East Queensland.

Chloe Maxwell, QUT News.