With Mother’s Day fast approaching, the pressure to pick the perfect gift is upon us. And it’s something that can be quite costly! QUT News has a guide for beating the budget blues.

Isla Stanich reports.


It’s time to impress mum and pull out all the stops.

But before you start stressing about blowing the bank, there are such thing as presents that cost little to nothing, and they’ll win you extra brownie points from mum.

VOX 1: “Love. Love is the best present for mum, and other than that, parents mostly care about expression of you caring about them.”

VOX 2: “Probably a handmade card, some flowers, some sort of food.”

VOX 3: “A hug.”

VOX 4: “I don’t live at home so I’d probably go back home and give her a hug.”

If you fancy yourself a bit of a Masterchef, why not whip up a tasty treat?

A relaxing home spa isn’t a bad option either.

For a gift that’s a little more sentimental, create a home video or family photo album.

You could even get a little crafty.

There’s nothing mums love more than receiving gifts that come from the heart.

Now, this idea is something you’ve got to be a bit sneaky about.

It’s called the re-gift.

Some might think it’s tacky, but mum’s not going to know if it’s never been opened.

Besides, it’s the thought that counts.

But if you can splash some cash, why not go for the tried and tested favourite, flowers.

Stephanie Celere, Florist: “Flowers are generally something that you buy yourself as a gift, so around Mother’s Day, it’s a very popular gift that lots of people like to buy their mum.”

Those ideas should be enough to get you started.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Isla Stanich, QUT News.