It’s a moment frozen in time. As Brisbane’s Queens Wharf development continues to surge ahead, a piece of our present will be preserved for the future.

Bianca Snodgrass reports.


This time capsule contains nearly 80 items of cultural, personal, technological and sporting significance.

Premier Anastascia Palaszczuk made her own contribution to the box.

But says the spirit of Queensland will never change.

Anastascia Palaszczuk, Qld Premier: “Our optimism, our hunger to build a brighter future, our strength and the way that no matter how far apart we live in this state, we’re in everything together.”

The sealed container will be buried here at the Waterline Park, one of the first public areas to be opened later this year.

Sporting legend Jonathan Thurston made his own symbolic addition.

A signed Indigenous All-stars headgear painted by Vicki Golding from his 2012 game.

Jonathan Thurston, Ex-NRL player: “You know I am a proud Aboriginal man, my family grew up in Mitchell which is out past Roma. Yeah so to be asked to donate an item, that means so much to me.”

World champion boxer Jeff Horn included a signed glove.

Jeff Horn, Champion Boxer: “Look, I would like us to have multiple world champions from Brisbane in the world. I guess that would be the dream come true in the world.”

Queensland Ballet director Li Cunxin added a ballerina’s worn pointe shoe.

The time capsule will remain buried until 2049, revealing a snapshot of the people, culture and technology that influenced the Sunshine State in 2019.

Bianca Snodgrass, QUT News.