With just eight days to go, the federal election campaign is heating up, as the leaders visit the Sunshine State. Health and resources the big talking points of the day.

Brittany Butler reports.


Rolling up his sleeves in Cairns.

Bill Shorten took a trip under the sea.

Making new friends and talking up Labor’s policies to tackle climate change.

Before cracking down on tax, and throwing more funding towards health.

Promising more than $12 million dollars for the Cairns Hospital.

Queensland is proving to be a key battleground in the election, as Scott Morrison pledged $30 million dollars towards a new mine and manufacturing school in Rockhampton.

Hoping to gain the support of the resource sector, the Prime Minister also announced plans to slash the wholesale price of power by 25 per cent over the next couple of years.

The Coalition leader proving to be a firm favourite amongst the locals.

Brittany Butler, QUT News.