Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner has taken a leap of faith. He was joined by other thrill-seeking fundraisers for the swing from the Goodwill Bridge.

Chloe Maxwell reports.


Taking fundraising to new heights.

Some of Brisbane’s most influential figures overcame their fears and took the plunge.

All for a good cause.

Raising money for the Hear and Say organisation.

Adrian Schrinner, Brisbane Lord Mayor: “That was awesome, it was the biggest adrenaline rush I’ve ever had.”

Creating quite the colourful spectacle for those on their morning commute.

Participants certainly made the most of the occasion.

Adrian Schrinner, Brisbane Lord Mayor: “There’s been a fantastic result with all of the people that are jumping so far. I understand there is more than 10 of us jumping and together we’ve raised between 30 to 40 thousand, so far.”

Funds raised from today’s event will go towards supporting Hear and say’s Early Intervention Program teaching hearing impaired youngsters how to listen and speak.

Ainslay Huitema, Mother: “My family has been remarkably supported by them. If you see my little daughter she’s running around, speaking normally, interacting and she’s yeah she’s doing wonderfully.”

Chloe Maxwell, QUT News.