The approaching federal election has fully charged the debate on electric vehicles and with new charging stations electrifying the nation, there is hope that more drivers will go green.

Ivy Mullins reports.


Brisbane is now home to Australia’s fastest electric vehicle charger.

These two high powered stations can deliver 400 kilometres of charge in just fifteen minutes.

Martin Andrew, Chargefox CEO: “Every one of the sites we’re building, is completely backed by a 100% green power contract with the network. And also on many of our sites we’re building large scale solar and batteries on site, so wer’re always using renewable power to charge the vehicles.”

Electric vehicle owners will be able to pay for and locate charging stations, like these, with the free Chargefox app.

And the price of a re-charge is cheap.

Martin Andrew, Chargefox CEO: “The cars that are around us here today can fill from about 10 to 80 per cent for about under 30 dollars.”

So far, Australian consumers have been reluctant to surf the electric vehicle wave.

But more charging stations are set to drive an ultra-powered driving network from Adelaide to Brisbane.

And with the Federal election looming, there is pressure on both parties to consider petrol alternatives.

Dr Rebecca Michael, RACQ: “Electric vehicles are a key component to any emissions policy. So we need to see incentives for EV uptake, also investment in infastructure.”

Ivy Mullins, QUT News.