In election 2019 major party leaders clashed heads in Canberra. It was the final debate to get voters on-side before the election.

Tim Lofthouse reports.


The Prime Minister arrived in New South Wales this morning to a barrage of criticism following confirmation of the coalition’s preference deal with Clive Palmer.

And it didn’t take long for the United Australia Party leader to fire back.

Clive Palmer, United Australia Leader: “Why does Bill Shorten want to destroy these people’s lives? Why is he such a bastard to these people?”

Scott Morrison taking aim at the Labor leader during the 3rd and final federal election debate damning proposed franking credit changes.

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister: “This is real income, that these a million Australians are relying on. And Labor is just callously taking it away.”

Climate change proving a hot topic yet again for the leaders.

Bill Shorten, Labor Leader: “Nothing to see here, no problem, move along please. Climate change, childcare affordability, first-homers, no problems in Australia.”

With no clear winner, the final week of campaigning could make all the difference.

Bill Shorten’s campaign trail has landed him in Brisbane, where he’s expected to release Labor’s long awaited final costings report.

Tim Lofthouse, QUT News.