Queensland’s peak motoring body is alarmed at how often roadside workers are nearly hit by cars. The RACQ is urging drivers to take care around emergency vehicles.

Tim Lofthouse reports.


They’re our first responders when we require assistance on the road.

But dash-cam footage released by the RACQ shows just how careless drivers can be with their employees’ lives.

Steve Spalding, RACQ: “Importantly it’s about these workers being able to get home safely because they are there to help others.”

Emergency response units attend hundreds of incidents everyday which can potentially put them in harms’ way.

Howard Strassen, RACQ Engineer: “You’ll feel the vehicle come past, you’ll feel the buffeting in your vehicle. It’s quite stressful and it’s potentially very, very dangerous.”

Amber lights mean drivers need to slow down and move over.

Emergency Services says drivers are paying less attention to this signal because of how frequently it’s seen.

Assistant Commissioner Mike Keating, Qld Police: “This campaign is about re-engaging the importance of that message system to us as motorists.”

The best thing drivers can do to reduce accidents and allow emergency response units to work safely, is obey the signs and remove any possible distractions from their reach.

And if you break down by the side of the road yourself play it safe.

Howard Strassen, RACQ Engineer: “Ideally you want to get out of your vehicle if it’s safe to do so and get across the safety barrier.”

Tim Lofthouse, QUT News.