Israel Folau’s Rugby career in Australia could be over. An independent panel says his controversial social media posts about homosexuals violated a code of conduct.

Chris Smith reports.


Folau has been found guilty of a high level breach of his Professional Players’ Code of Conduct.

The independent panel now has to decide what sanctions he’ll face, including potentially the termination of his four-million-dollar contract.

But some are still defending Folau, including current players and former Rugby greats.

Nick Farr-Jones, Former Wallabies Captain: “Had he been told, Don’t do this again do not mention the word hell, for example, awaits these various groups of people. But he’s saying that he was never instructed that way.”

Farr-Jones says according to Folau, Rugby Australia didn’t speak to him harshly or put him on notice.

Nick Farr-Jones, Former Wallabies Captain: “Do it in a non-offensive way. You can continue to communicate like this and communicate your faith, do it in a non-offensive way, do it in a respectful way.”

The three-member panel will now take further submissions from Folau’s legal counsel and Rugby Australia.

Chris Smith, QUT News.