There will be tighter security on the campaign trail after the egging attack on Scott Morrison. He and Bill Shorten are selling their economic and health credentials before a final leaders’ debate.

Adam Ashmore reports.


Scott Morrison met business leaders for breakfast again turning the focus to his economic policy.

In the Labor territory of Parramatta, Mr Morrison was in a fighting mood.

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister: “A great place for a great contest and I’m all up for a contest.”

On Tuesday, the Prime Minister was attacked by a protester in Albury.

Twenty four hours later, the incident provided plenty of material for jokes.

NSW Business Chamber: “We are actually going to be eating eggs for breakfast so the prime minister gets his revenge on eggs. Please if you do have eggs, don’t throw them at anyone.”

The Prime Minister warned changing government now, meant a ‘decade of danger.’

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister: “Now is not the time to turn back, it’s not a three year deal, you’re signing up to a ten year impact when you change a government.”

Bill Shorten was in Nowra in southern New South Wales revealing more details about Labor’s healthcare plan.

He declared a “war” on waiting lists.

And pledged another 250 million dollars towards disease prevention and follow up care.

The Opposition leader also hit back at newspaper articles accusing him of lying about his mother’s career choice.

In a tweet, he called it a new low for the Daily Telegraph to use his mum’s life as a political attack.

The leaders are now in Canberra for the third and final leaders debate.

It’s their last chance to sway voters head to head.

Adam Ashmore, QUT News.