Prime Minister Scott Morrison was egged during campaigning today. There was a frantic scuffle between security and a woman protester and bystanders were knocked to the ground.

Jessica Rendall reports.


Scott Morrison is the latest politician who has fallen victim to protester egging.

The Prime Minister was at a Country Women’s Association event when a young female threw an egg at his head close-range.

Protester: “Is this necessary? Is this necessary?”

Although the egg didn’t crack and the Prime Minister was unharmed, an elderly lady was knocked down by security guards in the process of restraining the protester.

The Prime Minister comforted her, before continuing on with the event.

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister: ” “You’re tough.”

As election day nears, the federal leaders are being pressured to provide more details about their policies.

In the latest debate Bill Shorten was targeted over the cost of his climate change policy.

Bill Shorten, Opposition Leader: “That is such a dumb question to say what does it cost, without looking at the cost of inaction.’

Scott Morrison was challenged about unity within the Liberal Party and Malcolm Turnbull’s dismissal.

Scott Morrison. Prime Minister: “The previous Prime Minister Mr. Turnbull lost the confidence of the liberal party room and they changed Prime Minister.”

Both leaders have turned their focus to regional Australia as they head into the final days of campaigning.

Jessica Rendall, QUT News.