School students have taken a few hours off to protest climate change. It’s been almost two months since the last National School Strike.

Alana Riley reports.


In the Brisbane seat of Oxley, protesters of all ages rallied outside the office of Labor MP Milton Dick.

They demanded action on climate change.

Student 1: “We only have one chance in this world and there’s no other planets with oxygen.”

Student 2: “I am really scared for my baby’s future because he is not going to have one if we keep burning fossil fuels.”

The students took the morning off school to attend, and some who couldn’t make it wrote letters for the local MP.

One letter read “I hope you read this, but if you don’t we’re all doomed.”

But when students went to deliver them they found the office doors had been locked.

The vote on May 18 is what demonstrators are calling the climate election, with the environment the number one issue on many people’s minds.

Local community members rallied to support the students, and though the federal election is just 15 days away, they say it isn’t about politics.

Jason MacLeod, Inala Residents Climate Action Group: “We’re not affiliated with any political party or any other group at all. We’re just ordinary citizens and residents. Today we’ve got a bunch of kids from four or five different schools who are standing up for their future.”

Alana Riley, QUT News.