One of Australia’s great charities, the Starlight Children’s Foundation, is trying to raise more money. As part of that sick children have been showcasing their talents.

Ivy Mullins reports.


Starlight Children’s Foundation is celebrating Starlight Day, its biggest annual fundraiser, and kids take centre stage.

To celebrate, the foundation organised a talent show at the Queensland Children’s Hospital.

Jonathan Kirkham, National Manager of Creative Collaborations: “We are looking for 1.3 million dollars to brighten the lives of 33,000 sick kids all across Australia.”

And Olympic gold medalist, Libby Trickett, was there to boost the morale.

Libby Trickett, Starlight Ambassador: “They’re in an unusual situation, you know, these kids are going through, you know, sometimes very lengthy treatments and their world isn’t as normal as it should be and to allow them to be children again, to laugh and to enjoy and to have jokes, I think that’s the really beautiful part.”

Some of the patients and their relatives sang, danced, and performed comedy for a few laughs.

Kid 1: “Starlight Room is awesome, I love it.”

This is simply designed to put the smile on the face of sick kids, and through that smile a twinkle in the eye of the parents.

Ivy Mullins, QUT News.