Queensland Parliament House is raising awareness for Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. It’s a fundraising event that’s brings people together, to raise awareness for cancer.

Chris Smith reports.


Today Queensland Parliament put politics aside to launch the funding campaign for Australian’s Biggest Morning Tea.

Stephen Miles, Health Minister: “Queenslanders do deserve world class care while they fight cancer, and they don’t deserve to go broke having the fight Of their lives.”

Mark McArdle, Member for Caloundra: “so the Biggest Morning Tea allows the public to understand what cancer is, how it impacts upon them, and makes a contribution to help research either the cause of cancer or may be, in time to come, a cure for cancer.

Cancer Council Queensland says every cup raised for the Biggest Morning Tea makes a difference.

Chris McMillan, CEO Qld cancer Council: “We’re aiming to raise two million dollars which is a lot of money. Buut if you break it down to all the morning teas that happen right throughout the state bit by bit we actually get there, and make this whole cancer support better.”

One in two Queenslanders will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

Screening programs for breast, cervical and bowel cancers help through early detection.

But only around half of the target age groups are participating in those national screening programs.

The official day for Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is Thursday the 23rd of May you can host your own version by contacting the Cancer Council.

Chris Smith, QUT News.