For many families, having puppies would be a dream come true, but unfortunately not all are born into a happy home. The RSPCA says there are around 4.8 million dogs in Australia however not all of these live with a family.

Adam Ashmore reports.


Each week, hundreds of dogs are abandoned by their owners.

And the number of dogs in care, with groups such as Queensland’s Staffy and Amstaff Rescue, are alarming.

Megan Howells, Queensland Staffy and Amstaff Rescue: “Currently we have over 100 dogs in care so it’s massive at the moment, 100 dogs including puppies and some palliative cares and they will stay with us for life.”

To date, Megan has personally fostered and cared for 17 puppies.

She’s already found homes for 14 of them.

The remaining three seven week old staffies, Radley, Maple and Maisie were abandoned by their mother at birth and are being fostered together.

Megan fed them by hand for weeks until they went onto solid food.

For each of these little guys lucky enough to be in care, there are still many without a foster home.

This particular centre is looking for your help.

Megan Howells Queensland Staffy and Amstaff Rescue: “We need foster carers. We need donations. We need volunteers to help us with our sausage sizzles and our fundraising.”

For Megan and other foster carers, this can be hard and time consuming work but it’s a labour of love.

And a job worth doing.

Adam Ashmore, QUT News.