There’s a new high school coming soon to Brisbane’s inner-city. The difference is, it’s a “vertical” school, with classrooms spread across 10 floors.

Annie Peng reports.


Inner-city Brisbane students will soon get a high rise education.

The state government is building what it calls a landmark building in Fortitude Valley, not far from the Ekka Showgrounds.

Grace Grace, Education Minister: “This is the first high rise building in the inner city and in Queensland being built, fantastic, world class facilitys and it will be a wonderful experience for the students that will attend this new school.”

There won’t be a lot of room for playgrounds but still plenty of recreation and a good learning environment.

The teachers union believes the atmosphere will motivate students.

Kevin Bates, Qld Teachers Union: “So I think there’s been a happy balance struck between the vertical space for the school building, and the outdoor space for the students to play.”

There’ve been frequent calls for new schools in the inner suburbs, after years of development in the outer suburbs instead.

But the trend to inner city living has forced the government to act.

This vertical school as one of two inner-city high schools to be built within 50 years in Brisbane. It hopes to handle the growing number of students from families moving into the inner city area.

It’s hoped the new style building will encourage students to be more creative and energetic.

Grace Grace, Education Minister: “It’s going to be a state of the art facility, high technology, high virtual reality, all of that kind of stuff, providing an excellent education. NAnd as you know we’re linking with QUT, so we’re going to have the benefit of their expertise.”

Within six years the new school will cater for 1,500 students from years 7-12.

The school catchment covers homes in front of the city itself.

Annie Peng, QUT News.