If you’re a bit frightened to jump from a plane or dive deep into the ocean, how about flying high, just metres off the ground?

Alexis Moran reports.


It’s called iFLY!

And it is a unique flying experience.

Visitors can soar like a bird in a vertical wind tunnel, with a diameter of almost four metres.

Nir Davidson, iFLY Managing Director: “The demand has been overwhelming, when we launched it we knew Brisbane would love it we knew the Brisbane clientele would be absolutely loving iFLY we’ve been booked out for our first week of opening.”

Safety is key, instructors brief you, then accompany you into the tunnel.

The experience can be related to floating on a cushion of air with a little bit of extra force.

Vox 1: “It was awesome absolutely awesome.”

Vox 2: “Unreal very exhilarating a real adrenaline rush, how did you like it was an amazing feeling a lot harder than it actually looks so I figured that out pretty quick.”

I was pretty nervous to begin with but I came out feeling really exhilarated, really refreshed and I can’t wait to try it again.

iFLY encorages people of abilities to try even those in wheelchairs.

And the age span? From three to 103!

Nir Davidson, iFLY Managing Director: “It doesn’t matter who and what if you’re in a wheelchair it doesn’t matter what is it we cater for all abilities it’s such a beautiful thing we love it.”

In the future, the centre hopes to branch into teaching students scientific concepts like gravity.

Alexis Moran, QUT News.