Australia’s two biggest political opponents have gone head to head in debate and according to the audience Bill Shorten won. He and Scott Morrison covered a lot of ground, reiterating their strengths and being probed about their weaknesses.

Alexis Moran reports.


In last night’s heated debate both leaders spoke about issues they think will sway voters.

Mr Morrison opened with a statement vowing to maintain a strong economy while Mr Shorten offered greater funding for health care and education.

Scott Morrison, Australian Prime Minister: “Our future depends on a strong economy in the years ahead.”

Bill Shorten, Opposition Leader: “I want Australians to have the world’s best health system.”

One of the big questions of the debate was how much Labor’s high emissions target will cost the economy.

Bill Shorten, Opposition Leader: “This issue about give us one number I don’t think that’s possible to do.”

Clive Palmer’s preference deal was also raised by an audience member.

Scott Morrison, Australian Prime Minister and Bill Shorten, Opposition Leader: “Bill Shorten, his team they tried to get Clive Palmer’s preferences I think the only thing, well I’m sorry you actually had your own people talking to him as clearly pointed out.”

Out of the 48 members in the audience, 25 voted for Mr Shorten and 12 voted Mr Morrison leaving 11 undecided.

Vox 1:”To me Morrison seemed very confident and sure. He’s got policies there and he wants to continue and implement that.”

Vox 2: “What I felt with Scott Morrison, he was putting the same things he puts on TV commercials whereas Bill I felt was a bit more humanized.”

Alexis Moran, QUT News.