Queensland’s economy had been given what some may regard as a fail mark by a major finance group, every year it looks at how the states and territories are performing.

Dominic Elshome reports.


The Commsec State of the States report takes into account key economic indicators, and it’s not good news for the Sunshine State.

When it came to retail spending, equipment investment, construction work and house financing, we ranked sixth, followed by Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

On unemployment, we’re fifth.

Economic and population growth is better, we’re ranked third.

The state opposition says the poor overall result is the Government’s doing.

Queensland Opposition Leader, Deb Frecklington: “We need Queensland to be the economic powerhouse again. And what’s Annastacia Palaszczuk’s plan? Tax, tax and more tax. You cannot tax your way to growth in this state.”

The Chamber of Commerce agrees more, is needed.

Dan Petrie, Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland: “So the State Government could be more targeted in investment, obviously skills is a big part of that and also looking at areas where there’s more immediate need.”

It’s not news that the government necessarily wanted to hear, it has long maintained the state is doing well in the areas that matter, and now faces mounting pressure.

Dominic Elshome, QUT News.