The leaders of the two major political parties go head-to-head in a debate in a few hours. Polling shows the coalition is now gaining ground on Labor.

Leanne Nebe reports.


It’s the first debate of the campaign and both leaders are trying to woo voters in different ways.

Labor is promising seven billion dollars to cut the cost of living, four billion of that to make childcare cheaper for families.

For his part, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been talking Cyber Security, announcing $156 million to train new experts in the field.

The coalition continues to ram home its economic credentials.

Prime Minister, Scott Morrison: “It’s a choice about who can manage money and who can’t, and I know, if you can’t manage money, you can’t pay for dental care. You can’t pay for childcare, You can’t pay for aged care.”

The latest poll suggests the Coalition, which started out as the underdog, is gaining ground with voters and is now trailing Labor by 2%: 49 to 51.

LNP Senator, Bridget McKenzie: “They are recognising that the stark choice before them is about what our nation is going to look like over the next 10 years.”

Scott Morrison remains the preferred Prime Minister amongst those polled, but Labor says it’s positive that policies have also improved Bill Shortens chances.

Labor Senator, Jenny McAllister: “That’s why we are out there talking about dental care, child care, health care , cancer treatment and school education. We have got a really positive vision for Australians.”

It’s expected there will be two more debates with the last in prime time in the second week of May.

Leanne Nebe, QUT News.