Here’s a story that will really grind your gears. Our state’s most congested roads have been named and shamed, as more than two thousand motorists speak out about what drives them mad.

Aleisha McLaren reports.


The results from RACQ’s Red Spot Congestion Survey are in and drivers didn’t hold back.

Lucinda Ross, RACQ Spokesperson: “More than 450 roads were pinpointed as the most congested or bottlenecks, you could say.”

No surprise with the worst, it’s the Pacific Motorway, by a long way.

The Western Freeway is next worst for bottlenecks, and on the northside, Gympie Road gets up drivers’ noses.

Vox 1: “The traffic here is unbelievable, very busy, and thought it would flow.”

Vox 2: “I know it’s just standstill sometimes, it’s a pain.”

Rounding out the top five, the Bruce Highway and South Pine Road in Everton Park, where there are lengthy hold-ups at traffic lights.

The recent federal budget allocated more than two billions dollars to Queensland infrastructure, but the state’s treasurer Jackie Trad says it’s unlikely to see most of that money until the financial year.

The RACQ says it will use the survey results to lobby all tiers of government.

Lucinda Ross, RACQ Spokesperson: “These are parents, mums and dads, employees who are trying to get to work, get their kids to school, and congestion is holding them up, preventing them from spending time doing the things they should be doing.”

Meantime, as the RACQ says, motorists need to “pack their patience.”

Aleisha McLaren, QUT News.