Labor is planning a big boost to handle domestic violence issues. With the federal election campaign coming up to week three, Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten have run out of public holiday truces. Both men today had big spending announcements and bigger preference deals.

Annie Peng reports.


Labor is promising to spend more than $660 million on family violence over the next four years, including $60 million for emergency accommodation and $90 million for legal services.

And it wants domestic violence victims to be eligible for paid leave.

Bill Shorten, Labor Leader: “A fair government is equality in pay. A fair government is equality in opportunity. A fair government is equality in leadership. A fair government is freedom from violence.”

Bill Shorten says Labor will make ending violence against women a “national priority”.

The Prime Minister on the other hand was talking help for the disabled with specialist accessible homes under the $22 billion National Disability Insurance Scheme.

He also wants Australia to stay on course.

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister: “We have a plan, a plan that builds on what we have been doing over the last five and a half years to create one and a half million new jobs, bring the budget back into surplus to pay down Labor’s debt lower taxes families.”

Controversial politician Fraser Anning has once again been the centre of election violence.

A supporter and a journalist clashed outside Anning’s conference ending in a shirt pulling ruckus.

Annie Peng, QUT news.