A welcome boost today as Bill Shorten introduces new funding to support domestic violence victims. A new technology has also been introduced to help at risk women.

Leanne Nebe reports.


It’s the watch, aimed to keep watch of our most vulnerable.

A game changer in the fight against domestic violence.

Brisbane not-for-profit start up, Commsync, has developed a device to help women at risk of domestic violence.

Chris Boye, Commsync co-founder: “So what we know is in a crisis, every second counts. And this is sending vital information for women who are at risk of Domestic Violence, to those who knew, and to those who are.”

Co-founder Chris Boyle says the smart-watch, will be able to track the wearer via GPS and Wi-Fi, using stored information.

He says their device revolves around creating awareness, which he says sets them apart from the rest.

Chris Boye, Commsync co-founder: “There’s been a lot of great work done in the space of awareness raising for domestic violence. This allows us to be truly connected, and safety through connections is our differentiator.”

At the press of a button, victims can instantly connect with police, providing valuable information, all without the attacker knowing.

The Federal Government providing crucial funding to get the trial up and running.

Paul Fletcher, Minister for Families: “We are continuing to roll out new initiatives under that funding, quite a number of initiatives have been funded under that 12 million dollars.”

One hundred women from across south east Queensland will be invited to take part in the free trial.

Leanne Nebe, QUT News.