The election campaign has moved to the north of Australia, with both parties trying to win over voters in marginal areas. But they’ll have a break on Anzac day.

Georgie Hewson reports.


On the eve of Anzac day the leaders of the major parties have paid tribute to veterans.

Bill Shorten was in Townsville, jogging with NRL legend Jonathon Thurston, and getting a lecture on tax cuts for higher earners from one local.

Vox 1: Would be good to see some higher wage income earners given a tax break because a lot of the guys do overtime. They earn $250,000 cause they work nights.

Bill Shorten, Oppposition leader: “Well, we’re gonna look at that.”

But the opposition leader’s main focus was helping casual workers get steady employment.

He’s suggesting they should be able to apply for permanent jobs after 12 months in the same company.

That idea worries some employers the very people Prime Minister Scott Morrison was addressing at a breakfast in Darwin.

He used the occasion to hit out at the Labor leadership in the Northern Territory.

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister: “The Gunner-Labor government is the worst government in the country. They really are. They have made an absolute hash.”

The Prime Minister has also promised more money for veteran services.

Georgie Hewson, QUT News.