And finally what sport do you want your child to play? Parents have been turning away from the more physical contact sports like Rugby League but there’s a big push to get them back.

Aleisha McLaren reports.


With a reputation for injury and off-field scandal, it’s not hard to understand why Aussie parents might push their children towards other sports.

But mums and dads are still registering their future Rugby League stars to play.

Last year the Queensland Rugby League saw increased participation in all age groups up to 13 years.

Vox 1: “It’s a team sport and you get to play with mates from your team, and when new people join your team, you get to make new friends.”

Vox 2: “I think it’s a good sport because you get to tackle and score tries.”

Parents say the game is safer than ever, especially with changed rules which discourage dangerous tackles in junior grades.

Vox 3: “NRL really trains coaches, and then the kids, to tackle properly, to learn how to play the game properly.”

Even more kids will be exposed to the game after the NRL’s Magic Round in May, when 16 teams play across one weekend at Suncorp Stadium.

Darren Lockyer, League Legend: “I think it’s going to bring a lot of energy to the city and hopefully the Brisbane people get behind it and support it.”

Eight of the 16 teams descending on Brisbane for Magic Round will give young people the opportunity to meet and train alongside their sporting heroes.

Vox 4: “I mean Charlie, my little boy, wants to be a Bronco when he grows up so this is amazing: to meet Darius Boyd and Darren Lockyer and his heroes. It’s just fantastic, it’s a dream come true.”

Aleisha McLaren, QUT News.