Youth unemployment will almost certainly play a part in the coming election. But according to young people themselves the problem may be bigger than politicians suspect.

Beatriz Alonso reports.


It’s a real struggle if you’re looking for a full time job.

Nationally, around 11 per cent of young are unemployed.

It’s much worse in Queensland.

And jobs here, aren’t always as good as expected.

Vox 1: “When I did move here, it was quite hard. It took a couple of months there finding a job. Especially if you are trying to find one you are interested in.”

Vox 2: “There’s casual hours around but it’s harder to get full time work.”

In an election campaign politicians usually come up with answers.

Terri Butler, Shadow Minister, Youth Affairs: “Tourism support including in the form of tourism infrastructure is really gonna make a difference to providing jobs outside the South-East corner here in Queensland.”

But it takes time and money – lots of it.

Senator Jenny McAllister, Shadow Minister, Families: “We’ve decided to allocate 40 million extra over four years to make sure that when people are in trouble they can get the help that they need.”

That will be little help though to the unemployed, in the bush.

Outback Queensland is the worst place for young people looking for jobs in Australia.

The youth unemployment rate gets to 23.4% in this area.

And along the coast, five spots have current unemployment rates above 15 per cent.

In Logan, youth unemployment stands at 15.8 per cent.

Moreton Bay jumps to 17 per cent.

It’s higher again on the Sunshine Coast and Townsville

While Wide Bay, including the area of Gympie, has almost 19 percent of its young citizens on the dole.

Beatriz Alonso, QUT News.