Tens of thousands of children have gone back to school, with police renewing their safety blitz. There’s a new focus on the way drivers view school zones.

Liam Lo Grande reports.


Books and uniforms aren’t the only things parent will be dusting off today.

The Queensland Government wants them to follow some safe school travel tips as well.

That includes caution at traffic lights even when they are green.

And walking with your children to school.

Vox 1:”They can be reckless, they can be excitable, and I think they need y’know, parental guidance.”

Vox 2:”Lots of people drive their kids to school, and they’re not allowed to walk, so they don’t learn those basic road safety skills.”

Traffic was generally light today, with some people taking extended holidays.

Nevertheless motoring groups are reinforcing the need for care to save young lives, and prevent injuries.

Lucinda Ross, RACQ Acting Manager: “These are our most vulnerable road users, so anything we can do to make them safe around our roads is going to be a very important thing.”

It’s not only children listening to these travel trips, as Queensland police have recently released statistics showing the 2019 Easter Holiday was safer for drivers than the previous year.

The number of deaths from road accidents has not increased this year and stands at four.

But traffic injuries dropped by a third from 163 to 109.

A reminder of the importance of driving safely.

Lucinda Ross, RACQ Acting Manager: “Make sure you’re buckled up behind the wheel, don’t be fatigued or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, make sure you’re not speeding and make sure you’re not distracted by that mobile phone.”

Police warn their blitz will begin again on ANZAC Day.

Liam Lo Grande, QUT News.